About Pickup Music

Pickup Music is a community of musicians, creators, and music lovers.

We’re building a stronger musical community than what’s possible on social media platforms like Instagram. With your help, we’re creating a digital meeting place where a new generation of musicians connect to exchange, learn, and grow together.

Our members-only forum is a discussion hub and community hangout where you can ask questions, get advice, and have discussions. It’s also where members contribute to key decisions on how we run the community. Our team personally interacts with members on the forum every day. Make sure to visit regularly to stay in the loop!

Pickup Music is an immersive education platform.

We offer online guitar lessons and Master Classes from the world's top musicians. From renowned artist-educators to professional touring guitarists, we work with a diverse roster of artists to produce lessons based on topics that their fans and our members most want to learn. These lessons are exclusive to Pickup Music.

Some of the artists we work with include: Isaiah Sharkey, Ichika Mo, Ariel Posen, Arianna Powell, Horace Bray, Emily Browning, Nicholas Veinoglou, Molly Miller, Gilda Heckselman, Yogam Silverstein, Kazuki Isogai, and many more. Once you become a member, you’ll have unlimited access to all of our online lesson content (including all future lessons, which we release on a regular basis.)

Have an idea for a lesson? You can request topics and artists in our forum.

Pickup Music is a label.

As a record label, we focus on partnering with our favorite independent artists to help them release and promote their music in the form of singles, compilations, and live sessions. 

Origins of Pickup Music

Pickup Music was founded by Sam Blakelock, a professional jazz guitarist from New Zealand who now lives in Los Angeles. The community started as an Instagram page and has since expanded to over 600,000 followers across three pages: @pickupmusic @pickupjazz @pickupbeats.